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All texts have been written by the Foundation Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. The origin of the images is indicated in the captions.

Despite intensive research efforts it was not always possible to find the right holder for the images used in every single case. Should you discover an image which in your opinion has been marked falsely or used illegitimately, please contact us.

New concept and project management since 2009:
Adam Kerpel-Fronius

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Dr. Ulrich Baumann, Adrien Beauduin, Maja Eichendorf, Philipp Jähnig, Adam Kerpel-Fronius, Victoria Loprieno, Clemens Maier-Wolthausen, Uwe Neumärker, Agnieszka Szczepańska, Aline Skibitzki, Philipp Sukstorf

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Barbara Kurowska

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Adamo Cicchi, Marino Otte, Anja Sauter

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Uwe Seemann

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Timo Preusse, Kai Schulze, MMCD New Media GmbH

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Eva Brücker, Dr. Jürgen Lillteicher

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Toby Axelrodt, Ilja Altman, Alexander Brakel, Stefan Dietrich, Diana Fisch, Katharina Friedla, Paula Gómez Hernández, Henriette Heimbach, Roland Ibold, Thomas Irmer, Florian Kemmelmeier, Anna Kleynmann, Stephan Lahrem, Sandra Mette, Joanna Nalewajka, Doron Oberhand, Andreas Pflock, Lutz Priess, Daniel Ratner, Grzegorz Rossolinski, Christl Wickert

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